Personal branding photoshoots and creating commissioned work are quite similar and sometimes complementary, because a deep understanding of the client’s needs and vision are always key to ensure an effortless process and genuine results.

I stand behind my client’s projects and brands, we establish a connection and once we’re aligned, my clients trust me to deliver my best and let my creative process flow.

Alix is a business and high-performance coach and speaker and an entrepreneur. During our sessions I try to capture Alix’s lifestyle, as a digital nomad and her mindful way of doing business. We’ve been working since 2018 and had numerous shootings in Spain, Italy and Portugal.


Anita is an entrepreneur and a recipe creator and the founder of Food by Anita, RooBar and Kookie Cat. We met a few times in Spain, Portugal and Bulgaria to create images for her blog - mostly with food, sometimes without - always a new beautiful adventure.


I took these pictures in Salzburg, Austria of the beautiful Hoizalm and I wanted to capture the cosiness of the location and the magnificent views.


Food by Anita - The Experience took place in Spain and I was asked to document and capture key moments throughout the event. During retreats I use a mirrorless camera, to minimise the sounds and I try to find angles that still give the participants privacy and drone shots are scheduled and taken before or after activities.


The beauty industry is filled with pictures that portray flawless skin, only achievable using editing software and that is the reason why I took on this project: creating social media content for Real Beauty Vienna - showing real women with real skin and bodies.