In a world where industries feed on our self-doubt GOLDENHOURPICTURES has a clear mission: to create sustainable confidence & to disrupt a destructive pattern by creating images that reflect the reality and showing the raw beauty that exists everywhere



it has never been as easy as it is today to create deceitful appearances and at the first glance it might seem harmless, but in the long run there are precious things at stake: confidence & trust. While using an app to make the skin look smoother might seem innocent, it can soon become addictive and have a negative impact and promote an unfavourable self image since the reality is slightly different and this is just the result of an illusion. if you have something good, but you put something better next to it, the good one will seem worse, but nothing really changes - it’s a shift of perspective. the good news? it is reversible!

while altering someone’s appearance digitally takes little time and might give a momentarily confidence boost, in the long run it will only create a term of comparison, which might have the contrary effect. this is why GOLDENHOURPICTURES promotes a shooting style that observes, captures and celebrates raw beauty.


while it is easy to get caught up in a never ending search for perfection, the realisation that perfection is just an illusion will set you free. the only search worth pursuing is the one for acceptance and embracing your singularity should be the destination.

Victoria, founder of  MAYSEA

Victoria, founder of MAYSEA


Join GOLDENHOURPICTURES in a movement meant to introduce the concept of ethical photography.


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