Tina created GOLDENHOURPICTURES to share her passion for photography that surfaced when she was only 12. Less than a decade later it became her way of living.

GOLDENHOURPICTURES evokes genuine emotions and inspires connections to the moment.

While fusing people in their most natural state, Tina aims to inspire people to simply just be present with themselves. She detects emotions that are true and captures them with intentional value. It is never about telling you how to act or pose, but rather making you feel a certain way, so that pure sensations are being expressed throughout the process. Having a genuine connection is what allows an individual’s natural state to be wholeheartedly exposed in sincere emotion. There is no staging involved, this is simply just about being you and having an authentic connection to the moment.


Now, on a more personal note: she was born and raised in Transylvania and moved to Vienna when she was 18. She studied photography at the Viennese Fotoschule Wien and founded GOLDENHOURPICTURES.

She stands for fairness and tolerance and respect for nature is one of her core values.

Her passions include traveling, good food, immersing herself in new cultures, protecting the environment and she’s an advocate for animal rights.

You can follow her travels on Instagram.

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